Kitten Availability

The following is a list of kittens available from SCC members.

Please see below the Code of Ethics for Breeders.






Please be aware that there are Singapura kittens being advertised on free internet sites. The kittens are cheaply priced and if you contact the advertiser they will offer to send the kittens to you via a pet courier. The kittens are said to be originally in various locations in the UK, they are then in places such as the Isle of Man and the Orkney Islands. Should you give these people your details you will then receive a mail from a courier service asking for payment of £260 up front for the delivery of the kitten. Should you fail to respond to this mail it will be followed up by a telephone call. The telephone number given on the site is similar to a mobile but will divert to a country abroad and you will end up with a hefty telephone bill.
Should you be in any doubt do not offer to purchase. You may contact us via our contact page with any concerns that you may have.
Kittens advertised on this website are from bona fide breeders who are members of this club.


Kittens purchased for breeding purposes should be tested normal for PKDeficiency. A responsible breeder should be in possession of documentary evidence of their cats and kittens results.


We wish to ensure that all of our breeders comply with the General Code of Ethics which is laid out below.


1. Cats and kittens must be provided with warm and comfortable housing with plenty of opportunity for exercise and play. Drinking water must be available at all times and cats must be fed adequately. Breeders should supply written details of dietary requirements.


2. Instructions should be given on the grooming requirements of cats and kittens.


3. Breeders should only sell cats where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life. You may wonder why breeders ask you so many questions, this is because they are trying to ensure that their kittens go to the best possible homes.


4. Advice should be given on the neutering of kittens sold as pets. These kittens will be registered as non-active and under no circumstances should they be bred from.


5. Breeders should be honest when representing the characteristics of the breed and the quality and health of the kitten for sale.


6. Breeders should hand over the registration documents together with a minimum 3 generation signed pedigree which shows the breeders details.


7. No kitten should be permitted to go to a new home before 13 weeks of age. At least 7 days prior to this the kitten should have completed a full course of vaccinations and been given a health check by a Veterinary Surgeon.

8. Kittens should be healthy and show no signs of illness and be in good general health. They should be house trained and socialised.


9. Should the unfortunate occasion arise that the kitten needs to be rehomed the breeder should be the first point of contact.


10 The GCCF hold a list of suspended breeders who would be unable to register their kittens. We are pleased to say that no breeders registered on this site are on the GCCF list. Please see the GCCF website for details.