There is a Breed Advisory Committee for each breed of cat. Their responsibility is to work in the interests of the Singapura cat by monitoring and maintaining the standard of points, breeding policy and registration policy. The BAC also monitors the training of Probationer Judges through to their appointment as full judges.

The BAC has a constitution which is approved by the GCCF Executive Committee and is recognised as the sole advisory body to the GCCF for the Singapura breed.

The Singapura BAC is made up of the following:

Chairman: John Hannson

Vice Chairman: Linda Smith

Secretary: Jim Warrender

Treasurer: Ray Wigley

Committee Members:

Judith Mercer

Ann Rathbone

Jean Bates

The BAC holds seminars which are intended to educate and train breeders, exhibitors, probationer judges and full judges to ensure they have a full understanding  of the Singapura Cat



Congratulations to all of the winners in the Singapura Cat Club Show held on 21st January 2017

Thank you to all of our members who exhibited at this years show.