Welcome to the official Singapura Cat Club website.

We do hope that it gives you an insight into this lovely breed of cat. The Singapura is steeped in an exotic past, and we have attempted to give an account of the breed, its history, characteristics, and temperament.

Many thanks to Paddy Cutts of Animals Unlimited for taking the majority of the studio shots of the cats shown here, and allowing the Club to publish them on this site, as they are her copyrighted property. The content of these pages was initially prepared and provided by Debbie van den Berg of Singingpurrs Singapuras with further development by the Singapura Cat Club. ©

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The contents were first published by Cat World in its June 2000 issue.



The Singapura Cat Club Show 2017 will be held on 21st January

at the Sports Connexion Leisure Centre,Leamington Road, Coventry, CV8 3FL



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